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Grab Your Gear

Gibbs Gear & Gifts

If you have ever viewed the series NCIS, you will likely hear the lead character Special Agent Gibbs say "Grab your gear". 

This page is dedicated to sharing the gear ideas with you that Gibbs the Husky uses for his daily adventures.

Gift ideas for dogs and their humans are also included! 

What about dog-friendly places & spaces? Get Gibbs approved sites! 

Dog Water Bottle 2.jpg

Leak-Tight Mini

The original and BEST travel mug for dogs.


Squeeze the AutoDogMug and water fills the bowl for your pup to drink, release, and the remaining water returns to the bottle, not wasting a drop. If you don't want to hold your squeeze while giving your dog water, twist the lock valve to the lock position when there is water in the bowl, release your squeeze, & set the bottle down for your pup to drink. Now, you can twist the lock in the center of the bowl to render a leak-tight seal, keeping your backpack dry when storing!

Gibbs The Husky Soy Candle.JPG

Bold Coast
Candle Co

Brighten someone's day with a customizable soy candle! (pssst - it's way better than a greeting card!)

Gibbs Cooling Vest.JPG


The Swamp Cooler works great for hiking, running, walking, camping, and more casual activities. In addition to helping keep cool through evaporative cooling, it boosts that cooling by offering the maximum amount of shade and thermal protection of our three cooling gear products. The material is rated at 50+ UPF protection (blocks 98% of the sun's UV rays). The leash portal allows it to be worn over top of all our harnesses and most other harnesses.

Gibbs Dog Mom Fob For Website_edited.jpg

Dog Mom Keychain
Happy Bag Co.

Stop digging for your keys! This cute key fob features a swivel clasp for quick attachment to your favorite bag. Slip your wrist into the stay-open loop and wrangle kids or carry groceries or coffee, without having to find a place for your keys when you're in a hurry. 

Gibbs Harness Walk.JPG

Joyride Harness

This is the easiest harness for dogs and their humans! 

It's an all-in-one

no pull dog harness. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 5.16.26 PM.png

Find Blue Dog

Find Your Blue is for travel enthusiasts looking to make the most out of their trip. We are passionate about building the perfect itineraries for every city- for you! Our mission is to take the hassle out of planning vacations so you can have more time enjoying them.

Join The Pack for access to our free itineraries.

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