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Why Thanksgiving Dinner Isn't A Winner For Your Pet

The smell of turkey, side dishes, and dessert makes you want to gobble it all up. You aren't the only one whose sense of smell is on overdrive. Our Thanksgiving dinner seems harmless to our pets, given the feast features turkey, potatoes, and pumpkin. The truth is, this Holiday dinner is not a winner for your pet. Today, we'll share tips to keep your pet healthy and happy during your Thanksgiving celebration.

Know what foods are healthy and unhealthy. It can be confusing as most of what we eat is initially healthy, like turkey, sweet potato, and pumpkin. That is before we "add" onions, spices, raisins, etc. So, what is a good guideline IF you feed your dog people food at Thanksgiving dinner?

Think of it in two lanes. Healthy and unhealthy.


The lane you want your dog in is the PLAIN lane.

Give plain turkey without bones & skin, simple sweet potato, or plain baked potato.


Anytime you add extra butter, milk, spices, or onions, the only lane you'll be driving in is the one to your veterinarian.

When making Thanksgiving dinner, the phrase " you can have too many cooks in the kitchen" includes your pet. It is healthier for them to be clear of the kitchen when preparing and plating your dishes. During clean up, be careful of plastic wrap, mesh, or twine, anything that has touched food that may smell tempting for your pet to grab out of the trash. It only takes 1 second for them to grab and dash.


It's a holiday, and everyone likes giving. If you don't want your pet eating treats, help your guests know your house rules regarding feeding your pet leftovers from dinner. Set a healthy boundary and explain that added ingredients in our food can cause pancreatitis and digestive problems for your pet. Zero people food will be safer for your pet, and you can enjoy the day without worry.

Here are a few safe and healthy options for your pet to be thankful for; dehydrated sweet potatoes, no-hide turkey chew, or a thanksgiving themed toy.

Finally, contact your vet to see what their Holiday hours are. Some may be closed. Get a backup plan for where to take your pet now so you will not be stressed if something happens.

With much to be thankful for, maybe take a walk with your pet before or after dinner ... that is the ulitmate winner.



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