about Gibbs

I am a Siberian Husky.


I have brown eyes.


I am told that I could be a Dire Wolf on the Game of Thrones


My hu-mom named me after the character on NCIS


I don't howl unless I'm around my tribe





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Leak-Tight Mini

The original and BEST travel mug for dogs.


Squeeze the AutoDogMug and water fills the bowl for your pup to drink, release, and the remaining water returns to the bottle, not wasting a drop.

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Kit List

It's stressful to leave your home; after all, you can't pack everything.

Yet, being prepared

to take your pack to safety IS everything. 

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The Swamp Cooler works great for hiking, running, walking, camping, and more casual activities. In addition to helping keep cool through evaporative cooling, it boosts that cooling by offering the maximum amount of shade and thermal protection.

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This is the easiest harness for dogs and their humans! 

It's an all-in-one

no pull dog harness. 

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On the second Saturday of May, the pet community celebrates "Dog Mom Day." Wave your paws in the air and give us something to bark about! Caring for our furry besties means meeting their basic needs such as shelter, good nutrition, healthcare, grooming, affection, and exercise.

To celebrate this unique motherhood, here are a few paw-some gift ideas!

Let's think about safety first!

Hydration. Hydration. Hydration.

Exercising our pets means making sure they are healthy, especially in the humid and hot weather approaching us. Make sure to offer them a drink every 20 minutes to prevent overheating. Get a dog water-dispensed water bottle. It may be more accessible when going for a walk or run.

An LED dog leash or collar is a safety game-changer for walking in the early morning or late evening.

It provides better visibility to drivers. Did you know that an estimated 1 million dogs are killed by cars each year in the United States alone?

LED leash lights your walking path, which is helpful when your path may be uneven sidewalks.

Finally, it also alerts passersby, fellow dog walkers, cyclists, e-scooters, etc., that your dog is an extension of you.

Here are a few practical gift ideas.

A gift certificate for your dog to get professionally groomed. Grooming isn't just looking good! Groomers can help identify skin or health problems on your dog, such as lumps or bumps, bites from insects, fleas or ticks, etc. It helps to keep shedding and ear infections down too.

A dog's coat can become matted, a painful and unhealthy condition. Routine grooming will help prevent this. Finally, nail trimming reduces the risk of bad posture or bone deformation.

Gift a package of dog training sessions.

Not all dogs walk nicely on a leash with their owners or play well with others. Some dogs bark excessively, jump on people, chase a cat or squirrel, or do not follow through on basic commands for good behavior.

Dog trainers help nurture the relationship with your pack by giving you skill sets for success. Yes, it will take a daily commitment from you.

And you know what? Training doesn't stop. Gibbs is six years old, and we still have mini-training sessions with him. Repetition and rewards for good behavior create a powerful and loving pack.

Finally, here are some fun gift ideas.

You can find many dog-friendly healthy activities and eateries, whether close to your home or on a weekend getaway. Here are a few examples, take a kayaking tour, a golf cart guided mural tour, or find a dog paw painting event. Afterward, refuel with your pack at dog-friendly restaurants. Many have healthy dog menus too! Gibbs chose the peanut butter carrot muffins.

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Every day we see the courageous stories of the people in Ukraine. Millions are either fleeing or fighting for their freedom. Many of us want to do something, yet uncertain where to start or who to trust. Here are some unique ways to give with confidence to help provide shelter, food, medicine for the Ukrainian people and their pets.

Top four questions to ask a charity before you donate.

1) How much of your donation will go to provide relief?

2) What is the charity's experience with disaster relief?

3) Is that charity established in Ukraine? Are they working with "Partners," and who are they?

4) Are they transparent with their financial health? Are they accountable and sustainable?

Once you decide which nonprofit has your heart, be smart with your money and avoid scam artists.

Here are four ways to avoid scams;

1) Independently go to that nonprofit website to donate to confirm your money went to the right place. I like to follow them on social media to get a sense of who they are and how they are working to help both people and animals.

2) No gift cards.

3) No wire transfers

4) Use a credit card as they have protective services.

Now that you have a strategy to help, what are some unique ways that you can help?

To provide shelter or temporary housing, you may consider checking out Airbnb.

To help pet shelters and zoos, you may want to check out IFAW or UAnimals.

My hu-mom created a FREE PDF with these resources and more.

Finally, did you know that giving has health benefits? Giving fosters our social connection reduces our stress, and releases endorphins that promote tranquility and peace.

Peace is the ultimate goal for everyone.

We know that by walking our dogs, we both get the physical benefits of lowering stress, improving weight management, and heart health. Did you know that walking your dog for at least 20 minutes a day can make you both happier?

1) Dog Walking Improves Your Happiness

Research has proven that simply being around a dog lowers cortisol, the stress hormone. Take that face and add in physical activity. Physical activity releases endorphins responsible for increasing feelings of happiness and our mental energy! That is a powerful combination!

2) Socialization Plays A Role For Our Mental Health

How does socialization play a role in our mental health when walking our dogs? First, it is companionship. Did you know that your bond with your dog becomes stronger when you walk together? Keep in mind this is a companion who is also non-judgemental. A decrease in loneliness proves to be another huge benefit! Think of all of the interactions you and your dog may have on a walk. People may smile, say hello, or engage in a conversation. It also nurtures a sense of community as you begin to explore more, see new things, meet other people walking their dogs, etc.

3) Sources of Motivation to Walk Your Dog

To reap the health benefits of exercise, we need to get 150 minutes per week. Walking your dog for at least 20 minutes a day makes it easy for your to reach that target!

Another motivation may be the app Wolftrax. You will be walking with your dog and FOR a dog! The app will track you on your walk, and you will begin to build toward donations sent to the charity or dog shelter of your choice.

4) Get 7 Tips for a Happier Dog Walk

  1. Know how long your dog can walk every day. Different breeds have different needs. For example, our husky, Special Agent Gibbs, enjoys his 4-5 mile daily walks.

  2. Get a standard leash. Toss the retractable.

  3. Take fresh water for your dog. Hydration is important.

  4. Pack plenty of poop bags. Someone may need you to spare a square so they can clean up after their dog.

  5. Pay attention to the weather. You may have to take shorter walks if it is too hot or cold. We walk Gibbs very early in the summer as Florida summer heat is intense. We want to protect his paws from hot pavement and his health from overheating.

  6. Don't be a bore; explore! Dogs get just as bored as we do with usual walking routes. Check out websites like Bring Fido or Find Blue Dog for suggestions on what is around you or perhaps a short drive away to walk somewhere new!

  7. Get started with giving back in your community and try the Wooftrax app.

Dog owners are not the only ones who reap the health benefits from daily walking. Consistent walks help decrease stress, fear, anxiety, and boredom, which can be destructive behavior. It helps their digestive system, urinary & heart health, plus weight management. They, too, are happier.

Although one day a year is National Walk Your Dog Day, every day is an opportunity to celebrate it with your dog!


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