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Dog Mom Day Gift Ideas

Celebrate Dog Mom Day! Being a dog mom is an unconditional loving commitment for many years of your life. So what gifts may a dog mom LOVE that will fit EVERY budget?

Here are five ideas that are great to support our local and independent pet businesses!

1) Dog Grooming Certificate. Dog grooming can be expensive. Being a husky, I don't need to go as often as my other friends. This time of year is a great time to go as we are shedding our winter coats! I love my groomer, Britney, at Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming

2) Doggie Day Care Certificate. Your hu-mom will love the options of either a half or full-day, a waterpark experience, or a package that combines them all!

In the video above, you will see me playing with my friends in a waterpark at Love My Dog Resort.

The great thing about doggie daycare is it is also a mommy daycare! Our hu-moms get to enjoy a full day to do whatever they want without rushing back home to take us out to potty or wonder if we are getting into "things" from being alone for hours. Playing with friends is healthy for us, and it sure does tire us out. From what I hear, this is considered a bonus.

3) Membership Options. In my special appearance on Bloom TV, you will see me enjoying the off-leash area at The Dog Bar. Here you can enjoy a yearly membership or a day pass! Bring your laptop or iPad and get some work done while dogs are socialize and play in the off-leash area. It's an awesome place to meet dog lovers! Evenings hold events and fund raisers that always give back to the community.

4) Dog Photographer or Artist. Who doesn't love a picture of their bestie? Schedule a session with a photographer specializing in working with pets or seeking out an artist who will create a paw-fect portrait that you will cherish for years!

5) Personalized Candles To Help With Pet Smells. Yes, I said it. Sometimes, we can be stinky!

Before purchasing any candle, let's discuss scents, wicks, and wax.

Both cats and dogs are not fond of citrus scents.

Make sure the wick is lead-free too. Did you know that wick's that contain lead, when burned, could damage your pet's central nervous system? Yikes! To be safe, always look for cotton wicks.

Get a soy wax or beeswax candle. Parrafin wax is derived from petroleum and has the potential to emit carcinogens when burning.

The picture below is my personalized soy wax candle complete with a cotton wick. You can find this at Bold Coast Candle Co.

Bonus Idea!

Because dogs require daily exercising, a dog water bottle may be yet another perfect gift!

Walking is one of the most common ways we get our exercise. With summer approaching, it is vital to keep us hydrated! I have been using the AutoDogMug Leak Tight Mini for a few years. It is easy to carry on walks, travel friendly, BPA free, and doesn't waste water like travel bowls do. My hu-mom will use it to place my food in it when we are out at a restaurant and give me a drink! After a few years, I'm happy to have partnered with them! Enjoy the promo code GIBBS15

What gift idea did you like best?





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